We all had different ways of coping in the thick of quaratimes. Some ate, some drank, some slept, some just cried through through the entire thing and some got creative. From her apartment overlooking Calgary’s Central Memorial Park, Twinkle Banerjee watched, admired, and photographed socially distanced friends and families below. Now, months later, she’s featured in the Global Crisis’ exhibit at New York City’s prestigious International Center of Photography.

If only we had picked up something other than the remote, maybe we’d have our name associated with a gallery too. No, we don’t have any business or experience being behind the lens, but hell – we had six months to practice.

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Some may think that taking photos of strangers off of your balcony is creepy or strange, but to that, we say, nay, nay! The ‘Characters of Memorial Park’ series is anything but!

With context, her photos are actually beautiful. 2020 has been an extremely bizarre year of uncertainty and isolation. Instead of being among others, we’ve all had to watch each other from afar – Banerjee just documented the distance – Not a bad idea, hey?

Twinkle’s photos are up and will be seen by the masses along with work by several other photographers as part of the ‘Global Images for Global Crisis’ exhibit at the  International Center of Photography – unfortunately, most of probably won’t get to see it up close and personal, but man, is it cool that she was recognized.

Congrats, Twinkle! You’ve definitely accomplished a heck of a lot more than we did in COVID! Actually no. You’ve accomplished more in COVID than we have in our entire life… Still stoked for you though. Keep up the good work!