People love fan art, especially when it’s spot on. Last month, Roy Nelson a LEGO enthusiast and Bow Building admirer, unveiled an incredible tribute to the city’s largest building.; An 8,500 piece replica that even included a giant head statue out front.

Now, after trying to sell his 5-year project on Facebook Market Place, a buyer has come forward and you won’t believe who it is!

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Had fun setting up my Bow Building at the Brick Bin, and hunting for parts of course.

Posted by Roy Nelson on Sunday, December 6, 2020

This week, Real Estate Investment company and owner of Calgary’s Bow Building, H&R Reit, announced that they have actually acquired the piece and have proudly installed it in their lobby.

It’s unclear how much exactly they paid for the to-scale model, but we’re sure it was well worth the labour.

“OMG, what a day. I sold my Bow Building for more than what my 2004 Honda Odyssey is worth!” He enthusiastically posted on his Facebook about the transaction.

The miniature will be on display permanently so there’s no need to rush over there, but why not take a peek next time you’re in the neighbourhood! Great job, Roy. We can’t wait to check it out!


Where: 500 Centre St S, Calgary