Retired radio show host, Gerry Forbes, is not only a local legend, he’s incredibly lucky too. This week, ahead of this year’s Women’s World Championship game for the gold, he took to Twitter to encourage his fellow Calgarians to purchase a 50/50 ticket, sharing that he was actually the recipient of this past Saturday’s pot!

Now hater’s will say that it’s rigged, but it’s all true. Forbes took home a cool $171,140 over the weekend after realizing that supporting Canada’s team without actually being at a game was as easy as spending a couple of bucks.

“I thought, I’ll take a shot, chances are I’m not gonna win – like you’re probably saying – and then you open your phone one morning and you go ‘holy crap!” He said in the video.

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If you’re interested in going for the jackpot, while our girls go for the gold, tickets for the very last raffle can be purchased here until 10 pm today (August 31st).

Half of every ticket sold will go towards support the league and all of its players, while the other half will go towards the winner – who could cash in an estimated $136,680 – as of the time of writing this article.

The cost of putting your name in the draw are as follows:

  • 1 for $5
  • 10 for $10
  • 60 for $20
  • 200 for $50

Who knows, you could be just as fortunate! It’s certainly worth a try, right? 

Finally, although all this money talk is awfully exciting, don’t forget to catch the big gold medal game between the US and Canada here and cheer them on. when the puck drops at 5:30 pm MT! We’ve got our fingers crossed, do you?