We wouldn’t want you to sweat the small stuff, but Calgary is gonna be as hot as your Grandma’s oven this week as well as the next. If you’re not already prepared for a long spicy season, here’s your sign lather on the sunscreen, wipe the fingerprints off your sunglasses and toss on a pair of Bermuda’s. Summer 2021 is here and she’s not messing around.

With temperatures in the mid-thirties most of this week, it’s apparent that a heatwave has crashed into YYC. What’s not as in your face, is that over the next few days we could break a couple of records as well!

Historically this calendar week averages around 21°C – but not this time around, folks!

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Instead of sitting pretty, we’re entering a week of once-in-a-lifetime ‘bake some cookies on the hood of your car’ June temperatures.

In fact, it all kicked off with today, which could actually be the warmest June 22nd since 1919 (according to @YYC_Weather on Twitter.)

Though things will cool off a little tomorrow and Thursday, the unbearable heat will pick right back up on Monday the 27th as Calgary hits what could feel like 34°C. Then, on the 28th we can expect another uncomfortable high of 36°C, followed by 35°C on Tuesday – which beats another standing ‘best’ of 34°C recorded in 1937.

YYC, if there’s anything that we’re good at collectively, it’s adjusting to wild temperatures but these ones are something else. Please be smart, stay hydrated and consider wearing a dang hat. It’s going to be a hot pocket out there, Calgary!