Your knuckles are white on the shoulder restraints. The noise of the crowd sounds distant from up here. The roller coaster inches up towards the first drop while your heart beats in time. Everything is still and silent for a moment – and then the coaster plunges into action, leaving your stomach behind as you fall, twist, and race at impossible speeds.

For a few minutes, you can forget that you’re a communications coordinator, restaurant manager, or site supervisor. It’s just the rush of the ride and the thrill of screaming along with everyone else. 

Nothing beats that feeling. Nothing feels more like summer. 

And lucky you, because Calaway Park is officially open for the summer season!

Calaway Park

Whether it’s a sunny afternoon with friends, or a family day complete with a picnic and only one toddler meltdown, Calaway Park is a Calgary summer tradition.

Gate admission grants you full day access to everything the park offers including 32 rides, 19 food locations, live entertainment, the Cinemagic 3D theatre, Haunted Hotel, and CP Spray n’ Play. And we weren’t lying, you can pack a lunch and enjoy it in the designated picnic area too.

So what’s new this year?

Back in 2023, Calaway Park renovated the Village Shop, Sweet Toothe Candy Shop, Little Bucks Bumper Cars, and The Burger Inn Restaurant. They also opened the brand new Riptide Racer, a family-friendly ride where you jump aboard a rescue boat and ride the waves!

Calaway Park

This year, the park will be renovating the new Yacht Club Pier location and main street washrooms. They will also be opening a new restaurant this summer, the Riptide Grill!

Get discounted single-day tickets online or at your local Calgary Co-op to save on admission. 

Summer is waiting, now the only question is: Are you brave enough to put your hands in the air?


When: Season opens on Saturday, May 18th, 2024
Where: 245033 Range Rd 33, Calgary
Cost: General admission $51.95 + GST