Well. Calgary, the BUMP Festival (Beltline Urban Murals Project) may have come to a close at the end of August, but the annual art festival is really the gift that keeps on giving!

With over 30 artists working hard to beautify 20 different spots in the Beltline, the stunning murals will be here to stay and enjoy for years to come.

bump calgary

To celebrate the end of the third annual event, BUMP Festival held its first-ever, all-day “Graffiti Jam” with live art and DJs. Sponsored by Vintage Ink Wine, the event allowed local artists to showcase their unique talents and freely express their vision on the same wall.

But how did a wine brand get involved with BUMP? The label itself was designed by a Canadian tattoo artist and felt our city’s annual event aligned with their values of celebrating community diversity and the freedom of self-expression. And after a bottle and seeing the murals, we definitely felt the freedom to self-express!

bump festival

If you missed Graffiti Jam, be sure to check out our video here and take a trip around downtown to see the completed murals! You can still find the mural map on BUMP Festival’s website here.

Until next year, BUMP! Can’t wait to see what places you beautify next summer!