Happy Monday, Seattle! October is officially here and we’re welcoming the new month in. You can eat, drink, enjoy the great outdoors, or even just watch a good old movie if you like to keep things simple. Here are 10 of the best things to do in Seattle this week.

My Chemical Romance

A little classic pop punk and emo seems like a great way to start October. One of perhaps the early 2000s most iconic bands is coming to Seattle to play all of your old favorites. Keep in mind, that most tickets are currently resale so be prepared to shell out some extra dollars.

When: October 3rd
Where: 2727 E D Street, Tacoma, WA
Cost: $130+

Try one of the best tacos in the US

Everyone has their favorite foods and we’ll guess at least a few of you are taco lovers. After all, they’re one of the tastiest bites that you can grab and often pretty quick. Washington has tons of amazing Mexican restaurants and is now being recognized as having some of the best tacos in the US.

Check out a course at UW

The University of Washington has just ranked as both one of the best schools in the world and also in the nation. And if you’re looking at university it might be looking more appealing than ever. Even more so because they have tons of free and low-cost programs that you can enroll in this fall.

Plan a fall date

Fall is probably the coziest season of the year and that means it’s a great time for dates! If you’re going to be planning some soon, we have a few ideas for you. Of course, we went ahead and made a whole list so you can pick and choose from your favorites.

Mindfulness Meditation at the Frye

Need to take some time to get back in touch with yourself? You’re in luck because The Frye has a free, mindfulness meditation that you can attend on the first Wednesdays of the month. It’s one of the most relaxing things to do in Seattle for sure.

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See what’s new on Netflix

Whether you like it or not, October is coming up this weekend! Plan out your month of streaming by checking out what’s coming to a computer screen or TV near you in the new month. After all, our fall and winter forecast is looking like a lot of indoor time.

Silent Reading Party: In-Person

The beloved Silent Reading Party is back in person if you’d like to have the experience of reading amongst strangers inside the beautiful Hotel Sorrento. Keep in mind there is a $20 food and drink minimum on top of your ticket price.

When: First Wednesday of each month
Where: 900 Madison St
Cost: $8-$40

House of Spirits: Casa Vega

The evening will take place at Capitol Hill’s magnificent DAR Rainier Chapter House, built in 1925. You’ll enter into a 22,000-square-foot haunted mansion where an evening of macabre magic awaits you. As you roam the house on your own or with friends, you’ll find tarot readings, strange roaming specters, secret games, and so much more.

When: Thursday-Sunday, Until October 31
Where: 800 E Roy St
Cost: $79+

SIFF DocFest

This is SIFF’s second annual DocFest, and as its name suggests, it’s a celebration of all things documentary. It’s a great opportunity to watch films that you won’t find on your favorite streaming platforms. So pick a movie or two and treat yourself to something a little different.

When: October 6th-13th
Where: 511 Queen Anne Ave N
Cost: $14 per movie

Humaira Abid: Fight Like a Girl

Humaira Abid’s sculptures are strikingly relevant in today’s political climate. You’ll be able to see carved pine protest signs, multimedia works, and more. You can also see works by Paul Horiuchi at Greg Kucera Gallery.

When: Until October 29th
Where: 212 3rd Avenue South
Cost: Free

Enjoy all of the things to do in Seattle, and have a great week!