Summer is over and fall is officially here! While the change of seasons can be hard, the PNW is transforming into a fall wonderland and you don’t want to miss it. Here are 10 of the best places to see fall colors in Washington.

Kerry Park

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We thought we’d start out close to home. This park is a great place to watch the city slowly turn to fall. And it’s also a great place to catch some sunset views.

Where: 250 W Highland Dr Queen Ann Hill

Discovery Park

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Discovery Park is accessible to most Seattleites and is also a great place to watch the seasons change. Plus, you can even do little day hikes or have early fall picnics depending on the weather.

Where: 3801 Discovery Park Blvd

The Arboretum

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How about one more in the city for good measure? The Arboretum is worth visiting year-round as there’s always something new to see there. But due to its lush tree coverage and plant varieties, it’s extra special during the fall.

Where: 2300 Arboretum Drive E


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Normally we head to this Bavarian town for its winter celebrations, but it’s worth checking out in the fall too. After all, the mix of the town’s uniqueness and the beautiful scenery definitely get us in the fall mood. Plus you can check out zip lining or even an alpine roller coaster this year.

Where: Leavenworth, Washington

Mount Rainier National Park

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If you didn’t make it out to Mount Rainier this summer you have to do it this fall. Because while the park is beautiful year-round, it’s natural scenery and wilderness make it a fall wonderland. Treat yourself to some early fall hikes and camping.

Where: Mount Rainier National Park

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Olympic Peninsula

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The Olympic Peninsula is huge which means its the perfect place to do a weekend trip to see some fall colors. Between the beaches and beautiful forests, you’ll have a diverse array of landscapes to check out. Plus, you’ll have a beautiful drive that you won’t soon forget.

Where: Olympic Peninsula


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South East Washington is truly unique and Yakima is a great place to see the farmlands in the fall. It’s also one of our state’s produce power houses and a great place to pick apples among other delicious fruits of the Earth. So enjoy Washington’s beautiful fall and apples in Yakima.

Where: Yakima, Washington

Columbia River Gorge

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If you plan on heading south you might as well check out the Gorge. Because this river has some seriously stunning fall views to offer. Plus the area has some really cool attractions like the Goldendale Observatory.

Where: Columbia River Gorge

Mount Baker

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Well folks, we have to say we’re pretty dang blessed to have multiple beautiful and scenic mountains in our state. So if you’re feeling really hyped about Mount Rainier’s colors you might as well check out Mount Baker too.

Where: Whatcom County

Whatcom Falls Park

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And finally, if you just want to enjoy a good old classic Washington park you should check out Whatcom Falls. Because you’ll get a beautiful drive up to Bellingham and get to enjoy a short 4-mile roundtrip hike to see a waterfall and some perfect fall colors.

Where: Whatcom Falls Park

That’s what have for the best places to see fall colors in Washington. Enjoy!