In a zany, much more digestible version of 127 Hours, a BC climber quite literally got his knee stuck between a rock and a hard place (hint: it’s another rock) this week. Luckily for everyone involved, the Squamish Search and Rescue team was able to help him squeeze out of there, although it wasn’t without some effort.

According to an interview with CTV News, the team received a call from the Calculus Crack area on the Stawamus Chief. Apparently, an otherwise well-prepared climber got his knee stuck during the climb, and it had swollen to the point where he couldn’t remove it himself.

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So, the rescue team was called around 7:30PM. Flown in via helicopter, the team was able to begin a rope rescue before things got dark. Their first idea? A little bit of dish soap and some elbow grease, which usually does the trick. However, this unfortunate climber had really squeezed themselves in there, and so the rescue crew needed to chip away at the rock. Geeze, talk about trust!

All said and done, the rescue wasn’t complete until around 1:30 this morning. And here we are complaining if we accidentally pinch our fingers grabbing cookies from the cupboard in a rush. We’re just happy everyone involved was safe and sound walking away!

Enjoy the weekend and stay safe out there, outdoor lovers!