Murder hornets! Forgot about them, didn’t you? We sure did. And, hopefully, after this year, we all can forget about them forever.

To help us all out with that, a new plan involving BC, Washington State, and US Federal agencies is trying to find, track and eradicate all of the murder hornets in the Pacific Northwest. And we say they can’t do it quick enough!

The Asian giant hornet, also known as the ‘murder hornet,’ is an invasive species that has been in the area since 2019. Not only do they pack a sting described as “a hot nail being driven into ,” they also have a really negative impact on the environment and agriculture.

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The plan puts a big focus on outreach strategies. There is a big focus on letting people know how to report and trap those flying demons. Luckily, the numbers have been down, but we’ll all feel a lot safer when we’re down to zero in both BC and Washinton.

For more about the plan for this season and info on how to report a murder hornet sighting, check out the full statement right here.