We think that most would agree it’s in the warmer months, that Banff really comes to life. This sunny season, like the last, they’ll be doing the absolute most in order to keep people safe, distanced, and having fun. Effective today, Banff Avenue, the town’s most popular street, will be closed to all vehicles to make way for pedestrians, businesses, and locals looking to get some fresh air.

By doing this, everyone is able to comfortably stay 6-feet away from each other and restaurants will be able to extend their patios allowing more people to sit outside.

Over the last year, Banff has seen an influx of visitors, thanks (or no thanks) to travel restrictions and likely – cabin fever.

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Photo Via Town of Banff

“In 2021, Banff is expected to experience visitation volumes higher than in 2020,” town officials said in a statement this week. “While it is unclear what the requirements for social distancing will be in the summer of 2021, it is believed that a pedestrian zone will be an attraction for visitors regardless of COVID.”

Because of this, the town has also decided to make a few changes from last year, in order to better serve both tourists and eateries alike.

Little things like having restos set up shop adjacent to buildings in order to leave a walking lane in the middle and no longer allowing tents on the street, will be done to create a better environment for all.

Photo Via Town of Banff

The town will also introduce its new visitor parking project, which they hope will encourage guests to start their Banff adventures from designated parking garages (where it’s free) and not in front of the homes of people who live there. By charging visitors to park in certain areas, they also hope that it will get people to stop parking in highly trafficked areas.

As we said, these folks are not playing around this year. With so many changes -especially on Banff Avenue – it’ll be pretty cool to see what the vibe is like in and around the town.

If you do choose to visit though, please remember that COVID is still very much a threat and should be taken seriously. No matter where you are please follow guidelines, be kind, stay distanced and be smart!