If you’ve missed indoor dining, it looks like you’re going to have to hold on a little bit longer. Because according to multiple sources and the province’s Restaurant and Foodservices Association, it’s likely that B.C.’s indoor dining ban will be extended into May. Although with the level of COVID-19 cases the province is seeing, we’re sure that comes as no surprise.

This speculation comes after a meeting between the B.C. Restaurant and Food Association and Dr. Bonnie Henry. At the meeting, Dr. Bonnie Henry indicated that the ban would need to be extended. And as frustrating as it is, we completely understand why an extension would happen. After all, now is not the time for indoor dining. Especially when you can still enjoy outdoor dining or takeout.

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Now before you get too worked up, none of this has officially been confirmed. But if it is, it means you’re looking at an extension that could last until at least May 24th. So it looks like it’s time to look up your favourite takeout menus!

More details about restrictions are set to be released tomorrow. So in the meantime just try to keep in mind that all of this is temporary. Plus it’s a good reminder to stay vigilant on wearing your masks and social distancing. If you’d like to learn more you can click here.