Calgary’s East Village has undergone a major transformation over the last 13+ years. From pathways to buildings, this trendy inner-city area has come a pretty long way, but definitely isn’t losing momentum any time soon. New projects, like the revitalization of the Arts Commons Building, are about to hit the ground running and according to CTV Calgary, the CMLC is looking for a prime design team!

This particular project will be done in two phases, the first being the development of the new “roadhouse.” Made up of three additional venues, this building will be added to the Northern side of the current structure.

In the second phase, CMLC hopes to improve the spaces that already exist. This includes sites presently occupied by Theatre Calgary, AB Theatre Projects, the CPO, Arts Commons Presents, Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre, and Downstage.

Phase two is also where you might come in. By June of 2021, the municipal land corporation hopes to have hired a new architectural design firm. This funky bunch may be employed locally, nationally, or internationally – submissions are open to anyone qualified!

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Since buildings like the New Calgary Public Library and Studio Bell have been completed and opened, many in the architectural world have been waiting to see what YYC does next. Because of this, being able to work on upcoming projects like Arts Commons would be huge.

Unfortunately, as of right now, not much else is known about the partnership process, but future information will likely be posted on CMLC’s website here. Check them out and keep your eyes peeled! The “roadhouse” is in progress!