Trick or treating is getting old, folks. Nowadays, Halloween experiences are next level, but this one might be the most immersive one we’ve seen yet.

The Beaumont Studios have been preparing for spooky season for a while now, and the time is here. From the creators of Psycho Circus and Tours of the Recently Deceased and Shattered, a brand new (and absolutely scary) concept is launching this October 13th and it’s called ART IMMORTAL.

Now, why do we say it’s scary? Well, this experience was created around the current theme of fear for people and the rise of technology: where can technology and AI go when given too much creative freedom?

So about the experience itself, groups of up to ten people are taken on an interactive journey through a haunted house-like world created by Vancouver’s fully autonomous AI Artist, AiYa. The task at hand is working together to make it out of a surreal series of escape rooms, packed with chilling performances and imaginative riddles that will leave you wondering where the artist begins, and the art ends. Spooky, eh?

Art Immortal at The Beaumont Studios
Photo via The Beaumont Studios

Not only do you get to see AiYa’s interpretation of what art is, but you get a unique 60 to 90 min experience at ART IMMORTAL every time. The event is directed by Kat Single-Dain, an award-winning filmmaker, acclaimed performer and writer/director. And the incredible cast is ready to give you a spine-tingling, blood-curling Halloween.

ART IMMORTAL will run at The Beaumont Studios until the end of October, and tickets are available for sale online. Will you make it out of the mind of AiYa?


When: October 13th to 31st, 2022. Showtimes from 6PM to 12AM Fri & Sat, 6PM to 11PM Thurs-Fri.
Where: The Beaumont Studios – 316 W 5th Ave, Vancouver
Cost: tickets start at $32.50. Click here to see all the ticket options!