Protecting yourselves and others, never looked so fresh! The folks at Aritzia are now selling face masks that are both Comfy and adjustable, both in-store and online!

These reusable lifesavers, are made with 100% cotton and fit and cover your face’s natural contours. Unlike the disposable ones, they won’t fit super wonky, or ride up down and sideways, completely defeating the purpose of wearing one in the first place.

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They’re breathable, soft and have elastic ear straps that you can fit to YOUR head. This is a relief because anyone whos worn a mask knows that it is definitely not one size fits all.

They also come in four colours that you can practically wear with anything, like black, white, Cairo gold and fresco pink! We’ll take one of each, please!

If you’re interested in one, or even a few face masks from Aritzia we encourage you to purchase yours online here, or in-store at your nearest location, which you can find here. 

Be smart, stay safe and dress comfortably, Canada!