U.S. vs Canada Twitter strikes again! This time it’s a hilarious mix up concerning our very own pride and joy, Toronto. On Monday, one Connecticut resident took to Twitter to air her grievances about Toronto’s desire to be like New York City. To be fair, when you stand in the middle of Yonge-Dundas Square and look around, it’s not hard to see her point. But the comparison wasn’t what Twitter took issue with. Nope, it was that instead of writing “Toronto,” she referred to our city as “Downtown Canada.”

Now, if you know Torontonians on Twitter (or anyone on Twitter, for that matter) then you know that no one was gonna let this one slide. The Tweet quickly went viral and racked up thousands of quotes and replies. You can go ahead and scroll through her mentions if you’d like a good afternoon laugh. But we’ll give you the highlights.

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Most Canadians took it as a joke and played along. Although there were some angry True Northers as well. Eventually, the Tweet got so big that even major brands like Tim Hortons and Roots weighed in!

Overall, the mixup was definitely cause for a good laugh. Especially if you’re a Torontonian who knows just how many of us really do think of our city as the centre of the universe  .

Now if you don’t mind us, we’ve got some pressing matters in Downtown Canada to attend to!