Alright, we’re not even going to get into the American Presidential Debate that took place last night. If you watched it, you probably know why we don’t feel like diving in. If you didn’t watch it, well, we envy you. One thing is for certain though, it was a hot mess, and people aren’t happy. In fact, plenty of American people immediately started hitting up Google once the debate got underway to see if a move to Canada is a viable option.

We can’t say we blame ’em!

move-to-canada google trends search

The above chart shows the search term ‘move to Canada’ spiking big time in popularity right when the debates started. States like Wyoming, Oregon, Colorada, Washington, and Nebraska contribute the most to the search.

Then, if we want to go a little further, below is the chart for the term ‘how to move to Canada’. Obviously, this one is still spiking today.

how to move to canada google trends

Well, we certainly don’t like seeing our brothers and sisters to the south in distress. Canada certainly isn’t perfect, but we do think we’re handling ourselves pretty well right now.

Fingers crossed things calm down in the United States, but if not, we might see these Google Trends turn into real trends pretty soon.