After a long harsh winter, there’s nothing like slipping into a pair of sandals or slides, leaving your jacket at home and hitting the patio with some friends. Sadly, Albertans usually have to wait until mid-June to do that with confidence – but next week we could get a sneak preview of summer 2023!

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According to Environment and Climate Change Canada and their Alberta forecast, some cities, like Lethbridge, could see temperatures as high as 30°C by Wednesday – and honestly, we think we deserve it.

While we’ve been lucky enough to have a few days of warmth, those in the more southern parts of the province will get to enjoy real heat with both Calgary and Edmonton in for a particularly sunny week.


Edmonton’s weather via Environment and Climate Change Canada

Though this weekend will be off to a moderate start (17°C on Friday and 19°C on Saturday), Edmonton will see a high of 24°C on Sunday before jumping to 27°C on Monday! The temperature will drop for Tuesday (24°C),  but things will take off again on Wednesday with a whopping 29°C.


As for Calgary? ECCC is calling for 21°C on Friday and Saturday, 23°C on Sunday and Monday – then sun and 26°C on Tuesday before the temperature skyrockets on Wednesday!

While they’re calling for clouds, humpday will be met with a beautiful 29°C – so start making those reservations and planning your outfits accordingly!

Calgary’s weather via Environment and Climate Change Canada

This of course won’t be the last we see of warmer days, as the Farmers’ Almanac has predicted a “boiling” summer for the province.

“While we hate to be the bearer of bad news, we’d be amiss not to warn you of what our long-range weather outlook is pointing to – Sizzling Temperatures,” they wrote.

“Temperatures at times will soar into past 32°C, in some cases even approaching 37°C.  Factor in the oppressive humidity and heat indices (“feels like” temps) could approach 40°C in some areas.”

Until then, enjoy yourselves and the beautiful Alberta forecast! This upcoming week is going to be a nice break from things and you won’t want to miss a beat!