This summer, some Albertans saw a major change in the way that they enjoy our parks with the introduction of several pilot projects that allowed adults to drink in outdoor public spaces.  Turns out, it was pretty successful! In fact, it was so well received, that the government may just make it permanent within Alberta cities as part of Bill 80, the Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act.

Of course, there will be a few stipulations – the biggest being that this would only apply to select areas; entertainment districts where the law could be regulated.

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“Within these districts, adults can safely and responsibly consume alcohol without being in a restaurant or bar,” Alberta’s finance minister Travis Towes said in a recent press conference.

Also, included in Bill 80? A section that would support licensed cannabis retailers to “grow their businesses by entering the online cannabis market” which could be major for smaller companies.

Unfortunately, it could be a little while before we know for sure if this will be a sure thing. First, officials will have to pass the bill in the legislature and receive a royal assessment – then it will be up to each city individually to make the final call.

As always, we’ll definitely keep an eye on this one for you though, folks! This could be huge for tourism and Alberta’s most social creatures.