Vancouver has said full steam ahead when it comes to mass timber buildings, by committing over $4 million to 12 new wood building projects in the city. The announcement came on Wednesday, and covers everything from new, 21-storey rental buildings to affordable housing. Here’s the scoop.

Vancouver’s enthusiasm for mass timber has two driving factors. First, some people are claiming that mass timber is a more environmentally sound building material than traditional concrete, assuming that the forestry industry is also sustainable. And, well, BC has a huge sustainable forestry industry with many communities and regions relying on it.

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wooden tower vancouver
Photo via Henriquez Partners Architects

Maybe the most impressive of the new buildings is a 21-storey tower planned for Mount Pleasant. The tower is designed by Henriquez Partners Architects, and will be developed by Westbank. Westbank is behind some of the city’s most iconic new buildings, including the Vancouver House, so we’re confident they’ll be bringing the noise with this one.

That’s going to be called the ‘Prototype‘, and it’s sure to turn some heads once construction begins. For more info on the new projects approved in Vancouver, just click this link. Enjoy the day, folks!