If you thought the recent super moon was a cool way to ring in the new month just wait until you hear about the asteroid shower that’s coming up. That’s right folks, the Lyrid meteor shower is coming up and it’s guaranteed to be a show. Keep reading to find out how you can see it.

The Lyrid meteor shower will last from April 16th to 25th. And while it’s at its most visible you’ll be able to catch 10-15 meteors per hour. But what’s extra special about this meteor shower is its uncommon surges. So that means if you’re lucky you could see up to 100 meteors an hour on peak nights which is expected to be April 21st and 22nd.

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Now, these surges aren’t easy to predict but what we do know is the best time to watch for the showers. So if you want to try your luck in catching the showers look outside during the hour or two between moonset and dawn. And like other star-watching and sky-gazing events, try to find the darkest viewing spot possible.

If you want to take the guesswork out and just get the best night of viewing then before dawn on April 22nd is your window. And if you’d like to learn more you can click here. With that, enjoy the meteor showers, and have a great week!