A quaint Alberta town is hoping to make quite the splash in the next few years, folks! Tourism Cochrane just confirmed that they’ll be looking into building a state of the art river wave park along the Bow River.

In order to do this, they plan on using new technology to create adjustable mechanical ‘blinds’ in the river. When lifted, these ‘blinds’ would create waves, allowing people to surf, paddleboard or kayak against the current.

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If they go through with this, officials expect the project to cost around $10 million. However, they also believe that it would generate around $1.8 million and $6 million per year in spending.

“This combination of recreational waves and the accessible beach will result in substantial cultural, economic, and environmental benefits that will last generations,” they say on the Cochrane River Wave Park website.

The park would likely be located on River Avenue Bridge in south Cochrane and could be completed in 2024 and again in 2029 “provided all approvals, funding, and support are received.”

So get practicing on your bathtub boogie boards, folks – things are about to get serious.