Who doesn’t love a harmless prank now and then? From jump scares, doorways covered in saran wrap, and fake plaques hidden throughout Calgary parks commemorating hilarious events that never happened, we for one, can appreciate someone giving us something to LOL about. After all, 2020 hasn’t been especially funny…but one Calgary park has recently been given a funny little facelift.

Bownmont Park is a beautiful place to take a walk, a bike ride or to sit and watch a sunset, but as of the last few days, it’s also a great place to get a giggle.

Someone actually spent their time and money to professionally make and install plaques ‘memorializing’ adorable fictional points in Calgary’s “history”. “Benjy, the first hamster to fly solo around the world took off from this spot in April 1937,” said one bench, with another one reading “This bench marks the site of the first confirmed UFO landing in Calgary, 1963.

Now, despite an overwhelmingly positive response to the plaques, the Calgary Parks and Infrastructure department says that it’s technically graffiti and plan on taking them down – which is a total bummer.

We’re a big fan, but the city has to do what they have to do… we guess? What do you guys think? Considering the year we’ve all had, do you think they should just let them be for now? Let us know!