Are you a big fan of the Green Lake bike lane? Well, get your thinking cap on because the Seattle Department of Transportation wants your input on a new bike lane. If the project goes through it will mean that a protected, paved bike lane will line the outer west edge of Green Lake.

The new bike path would run along Green Lake Drive North and Aurora Avenue North. Currently, there’s a gravel walking path along the two roads. This segment would also be a part of the Green Lake Outer Loop project which will eventually connect to the already existing bicycle lanes around the lake. This project’s main goal is to create more space for people to safely walk, run, roll, and bike around Green Lake as well as connect neighborhoods.

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green lake outer loop project
Photo via Seattle Department of Transportation

And as these projects take time, they will be broken up into two segments. The first will create a new path between North 63rd Street and West Green Lake Drive North. The second will create a new path along West Green Lake Drive North, between North 76th Street, and the intersection between Winona Avenue North and North 77th Street. As there are currently two car lanes and a parking lane along West Green Lake Drive, the city is looking at three options.

  • Removing the parking lane to make room for a two-way bike lane and preserving two-way vehicle travel.
  • Removing a driver lane and turning the street into a one-way vehicle travel lane, while maintaining a parking lane.
  • Removing the parking lane and adding a bike lane on each side of the street while maintaining two-way vehicle travel.

That’s where you come in, you can provide your feedback on the project by taking the survey here. If all goes well, this project could begin by mid-2022 and if you’d like more details you can click here.