After what felt like the longest 18 months ever, the world is starting to reopen, and TBH- we couldn’t be happier. From being able to reconnect with friends and family, to being able to smile at passersby (and actually see teeth), the city is rejoicing. You can definitely feel it in the air, and no, that’s not just the smoke. The city is buzzin’, and after an unreal visit to 17th Ave’s newest fusion hotspot, JiaJia Bar, so are we! 

Calgary, meet JiaJia, your favourite new spot to dive into an authentic Asian-take on fusion cuisine, and maybe one or two (or three…or four…) cocktails. A locally & Asian-owned family business, Jia Jia originally hit the scene in 2020, but with reopening plans in effect, they are finally ready to welcome you and your crew to dine and drink together. 

So, let’s see what a night at JiaJia with your friends, fam, and loved ones would look like. 


Jia Jia Bar
Photo Via Curiocity Group

As you walk along 17th Ave between 9A St and 10 St, you’ll be greeted by JiaJia’s bright purple signage, and their intimate patio decked out in colourful lights. As you enter, you’ll be welcomed by the friendly staff and be immediately drawn to the colourful decor. Everything from the neon

sign of a unicorn dabbing, to the hanging jellyfish lights, and all the way to the outrageous (but very functional) shot trays, will make you want to spend way more time here than you anticipated. And maybe, a few cocktails too deep. 


Jia Jia Bar
Photo Via Curiocity Group

Where do we even begin?! The cocktails are as colourful as they are flavourful, and definitely match the vibe of this new hot spot. Their drink menu ranges from Signature Cocktails & Classic Cocktails to Martinis & House Shooters. And the best part about it?! The highest-priced drink rings it at under $12. 

Oh, and for those House Shooters we mentioned, you can have them served in a seriously out-of-the-box fashion. With a variety of shaped shot trays to choose from, you can (literally) light up the night in a matter of minutes. 


Jia Jia Bar
Photo Via Curiocity Group

Last but certainly not least, JiaJia Bar’s street eats are fresh, flavourful, and delicious. And to be totally honest, those three words just don’t do it enough justice. With an authentic take on Asian-fusion cuisine, you know you’re getting exactly what your taste buds are looking for. 

The large and in charge menu is split up into Skewers, Snack-Tizers, Soups & Salads, House Special Dishes, Everything in a Bowl, Chef’s Favourites, and Dessert. The play is to definitely get a bunch of dishes to share- now that we finally can again. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any choice, but you definitely have to include the Rainbow Potstickers, Mini Momo Baos and the Szechuan Spicy Chicken. 

There’s also a Homemade BBQ Pork Rice Bowl on the menu that is capital b Bomb. Since it’s homemade on the daily, limited quantities are available. Doesn’t that kind of make you want it more?! 

Obviously, from the atmosphere to the drinks to the food, a night out at JiaJia should be at the top of your squad’s to-do list.

Enjoy, and have a shot for us!