Despite Canada legalizing and regulating access to marijuana in 2018, stigma still plays a major role in where and when you can go for a smoke. Luckily, for those who believe that the city needs more spaces where pot can be enjoyed freely, local group The Calgary Cannabis Club has started a campaign challenging lawmakers to make a change.

Currently, under the bylaw 24M2018, cannabis consumption is prohibited everywhere in Calgary but private property.

Their argument is that, much like the folks in our neighbouring city of Edmonton, those who vape or smoke marijuana should be able to do so anywhere that tobacco is allowed – this includes parks, sidewalks, and sportsfields (to name a few).

In a new petition, Neil Linton, the events director of The CCC, had this to say:

“The Consumption of Alcohol is allowed in some Calgary Public Parks. The Consumption, Smoking or Vaping of Cannabis should be permitted the same as Tobacco in public places as in many other Canadian Provinces and City’s currently allow.”

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“For example, the Province of Ontario allows Public Cannabis Consumption in many outdoor public places (for example, sidewalks and parks). The Province of Nunavut will allow the consumption of cannabis in private homes and in some public spaces where tobacco is allowed.”

Linton also used British Columbia and Toronto’s bill 36 as two additional instances where Canadian cities progressively made the decision to allow their community to smoke in public.

In the event that this petition gets enough signatures, the group has confirmed that they will be taking this to council in hopes of getting them to reconsider – telling fellow publication 660 News that he believes people would still be respectful as to not bother non-smokers around them.

If you agree and would like to sign their petition or just learn more about The Calgary Cannabis Club you can visit their website here.

Let city council know how you feel, Calgary! Do you agree? Disagree?