Is there someone on your holiday shopping list that you have no idea what to get? Fear not, because the Weirdos Holiday Pop-up Shop is returning to Vancouver this weekend. Now running for an entire month, the pop-up is chock full of crazy and unique gift ideas.

Because novelty is always appreciated, and especially if it’s locally-made or sourced. A whopping 29 different people have signed up for the market, and that means that all sorts of weird gift ideas will be available here. Here are a few names that jumped out to us.

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First off is the well-known artist Puppyteeth, whose prints have been a favourite of weirdos (and regular people) for years now. There’s also Intergalactic Ceramic, which well-made objects with some funny phrases. Who wouldn’t love a bowl with fruits and the phrase ‘I Have Depression’ on it?

Our final pick has to go to Ultraviolet Oddities, because they repurpose doll heads for plant holders. Now, that’s a true statement piece in any home.

For more info on the Weirdos Holiday Pop-Up Shop, click the link below!

Weirdos Holiday Pop-Up Shop

When: November 19 to December 24
Where: 2308 West Broadway