There are fans, there are superfans, and then there are people who do really cool stuff inspired by the things they love. Seattle’s Richard Knowles falls into the third category, as he’s just unveiled a miniature version of the Rosebud Motel from Canada’s favourite series, Schitt’s Creek.

Mr. Knowles isn’t a rookie when it comes to things like this, as he’s actually made a name for himself by building a mini ‘Bates Motel’ from Psycho the past few Halloweens. Since 2020 is such a horror show already, we’re certainly glad he’s stuck with something a little more comical this time around.

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The 6-foot-tall structure is decked out with working electricity and an eerie likeness that has had some Seattleites thinking they had passed the real thing! The real thing, however, is all the way out in Orangeville, Ontario.

So, although we can’t visit this bad boy in person, it is pretty awesome to see our friends down south loving the Canadian show as much as we do.