Well, you can add ‘cannabis planes’ to a long list of things we didn’t know we’d be so excited about. Canadian company Hempearth has singlehandedly redefined what it means to “get high” by building a jet entirely out of ganja and wow, have we come a long way as a society.

Not only is the body of the aircraft built using a hemp composite material, the interior was once also totally smokable. Hell, the fuel is even cannabis-based.

With a wingspan of 36 feet, Mary Jane can carry up to 4 passengers safely with cargo room to spare and is 10 times stronger than steel, which is wild.

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Once called the “most versatile plane in the world,” this hemp-jet could mean big things for the future of aviation. It’s cheaper and way better for the environment. Also, it’s not like there’s any shortage of marijuana in the country or event the world so it’s pretty easy to gather materials.

In addition to the plane, Hempearth has also managed to create the first-ever cannabis-body phone, surfboards and even paddleboards… all without harming the environment.

Pretty cool hey? To read more about how exactly they’ve been able to do this or to buy one of their hash-boards, you can do so on their website here! 

We honestly can’t wait to see what comes of this project and will be standing by for more updates on how things are going. We leave you now, with a sentiment once shared by beloved genius and bow tie revolutionary, Bill Nye. “Science Rules.”