It’s hard to deny, the holidays have to be the most magical time of the year. With streets, squares and malls bursting with festive décor and the jingle tunes on repeat, it’s hard to not feel bright and cheery; especially after a year filled with uncertainty. So this year, we’ve decided to explore as many of the picturesque activities around us as possible this holiday season. And our latest finds of unique winter experiences all happen to be right in York Region

If you remember, we recently ventured to our northern neighbour for unreal shopping experiences this holiday season. Thanks to our local shopping rendezvous, we now have a list of some unforgettable winter experiences in York that are ought to be on every holiday bucket list. 

Pine Farms Orchard in King


You’ve probably already witnessed the Pine Farms Orchard in all their Fall glory to apple pick. But winter here is just as amazing (actually, more so). The snow-blanketed orchard makes for a dreamy setting right out of a Christmas movie. Roam around on this scenic property, maybe have a snowball match or two. Then head indoors to dig into one of their many apple pies or dunk a cookie in your hot mug of chocolate or relish a scone with warm cider. Oh, and of course, stock up on fresh apples (‘cause orchard, duh) and fresh produce, eggs, etc. (‘cause farm, duh again).

Niemi Family Farm Christmas Market in East Gwillimbury

Okay listen, if there’s one place you visit this Christmas, make it Niemi Family Farm’s Outdoor Christmas Market. With decorations galore and snow-covered everything, this Christmas Market looks just like the North Pole. Once you are done taking in the beautiful views and festive vibe, go tent-hopping to gather some great artisanal items- ornaments, gnomes, fresh bakes and more. Then sit down by a private bonfire with hot chocolates and warm ciders to make smores.

Fairway of Lights in Markham


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What’s more festive than lights? Well, not much! Especially when the lights happen to be this fiery and flirty. The Fairway of Lights is a walk-through light experience with mesmerizing decorations and interactive light displays. The kilometre-long trail in the woods is a great way to escape the city and get lost in your own little Christmas fantasy.

WinterFest at Canada’s Wonderland

Everyone already knows that Canada’s Wonderland’s Winterfest is a one-of-a-kind delightful experience. From millions of lights to grand decorations to the tree-lighting ceremony every evening to a magical ice-skating rink on SnowFlake Lake to live performances, the place has everything to take our holidays to new levels of holly and jolly. The best part, their drinks’ pass lets you grab hot chocolate refills every 15 minutes, so you know you’ll stay warm and happy.

Treewalk Village in Stouffville


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For all the outdoorsy souls out there, who go grouchy as winter approaches, we’ve got good news for you. There’s an outdoor adventure you can still enjoy. In fact, you can enjoy it all winter long! Say hello to Treewalk Village at Treetop Trekking, right in Stouffville. With its web of airwalks and a blanket of snow underneath, the off-ground village is a real-life version of the ‘far-away’ land from your fantasy. With adventures for any skill level, the winter thrills at Treewalk Village have no end in sight. 

Winter Wonderland, Newmarket


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Looking for a great winter experience full of festivities, joy, Santa, train rides, ice-skating, a titillating light display and plenty of hot chocolate? Hoping that this experience won’t break your wallet? Well, Newmarket’s Winter Wonderland is every bit as gorgeous and magical as it is free. So, hop aboard the festive train!

Old Fashioned Christmas at Pioneer Village & Archives in Georgina


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As can only be expected from this open-air historic museum, the Pioneer Village and Archives is celebrating Christmas the old-fashioned way. So, a brass band and choir replace digital tunes, natural and historic decorations adorn the village instead of sparkly ornaments and fairy lights are ditched for vintage lanterns. Christmas with the side of an old-world charm- that’s what we are talking about!

 David Tomlinson Nature Reserve in Aurora

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After being years in the making, the David Tomlinson Nature Reserve, aka, the Aurora Wildlife Park finally opened to the public last year. And while we hiked and biked our way through summer here, the park also has something special in store for winter- snowshoeing! So, pull over your cap, tighten your laces and gear up for spectacular views and a fun adventure. FYI, you don’t need to be a pro to enjoy this adventure.

David Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill


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Is space ever not mesmerizing? We think not. Every time the world around us gets too much to handle, we head to Hillview Dr to connect with the universe otherwise off our limits. Whether it is an awe-inspiring astronomical experience you’re looking for, a day out with the fam or a Ross-Rachel-style date idea, the DDO has you covered.

That was our list folks of awesome holiday experiences in York to enjoy this season. All of these York Region events & activities are sure to make your holidays bright and merry. Our suggestion: Hit up as many as you can, and hit them while you can!