Sometimes ya just gotta get out of the city. Roll down those windows and hit the open road. If you want to go on an adventure this weekend but don’t have time to gone for more than a day trip, we’ve found your solution! There are tons of spots not too far outside of the city check out. Just enough to give you that sense of freedom that only a road trip can, without the hefty gas pump bill. Fancy a rod trip, Toronto?

Here are 6 of the best road trip destinations within 3 hours of Toronto.


We’re certain you’ve been to the falls- what Canadian hasn’t? But this little town is entirely separate. Drive a mere 1.5 hours to the historic Niagara-on-the-Lake. You will find adorable little restaurants, knick-knack shops, and the world’s best fudge as you stroll down the street.

Where: Niagara, Ontario
Length of drive from Toronto: 1.5 hrs


Nothing quite like cottage country to give you a break from the city. There’s so much to do once you get there. At this time of year, there are plenty of winter actives to keep you warm. Plus, once you get out of the GTA, the trip up there is beautifully lined with some of the prettiest nature Ontario’s got to offer.

Where: Muskoka District Municipality
Length of drive from Toronto: 2 hrs


Hop in the whip and head to one of the best hiking spots in the province. There you’ll find all the forestry you could dream of and tons of waterfalls. They’re especially gorgeous crystallized in the wintertime!

Where: Harvest Rd, Dundas, Hamilton
Length of drive from Toronto: 1 hr

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This provincial park is the perfect destination for that day-cation you’ve been craving. In the summertime, extend the trip and stay overnight at their campground. But right now, enjoy all the winter activities they have to offer. There’s cross country skiing, ice volcanos, and tons of winter wildlife to spot!

Where: Ontario 60, Ontario
Length of drive from Toronto: 3 hrs


This beautiful lookout will provide the perfect stop on the road trip of your dreams. Be sure to check out the marina and all the adorable coffee shops and restaurants in the area while you’re there.

Where: Lion’s Head Provincial Park, Lion’s Head, Ontario
Length of drive from Toronto: 3 hrs


This trail will take you on a walk through some of the most beautiful caves in the province. Make it your destination on your next roadie and be amazed by all the natural beauty. Nice little break from the concrete jungle, if we do say so ourselves.

Where: Nottawasaga Bluffs Conservation Area, 8861 Sideroad 15 & 16 Nottawasaga, Glen Huron
Length of drive from Toronto: 1 hr

So grab all your favourite snacks and hit the road! We’ll be packing licorice, pepperettes, and cool ranch Doritos. Calories don’t count when you’re on the road.