You don’t really have to be a cocktail lover yourself to know that, come holiday season, the one gift cocktail enthusiasts will have no dearth of is a liquor bottle. Somehow, people inadvertently end up gifting a bottle or two to their mixed drink-loving friends and family members. But you don’t have to join the herd. There are other options.

spirits with smoke
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The thing about cocktail lovers is that they love the art of making and presenting a libation just as much as they love sipping them. So, gifting them something that will help them upgrade their home bar and bartending skills is the perfect solution to break the bottle monotony. And some of these tools and accessories do more than just look cool, they actually help make the drinks taste better (think smoking kits).

To make your life easier, we rounded up 6 of the best gifts that will not just help you stand out but also make any cocktail connoisseur a lot happier than the same ol’ booze. We’ve included a wide price range too to make sure the list works for every budget.

Smoking Saucer Set by Spirits with Smoke

spirits with smoke
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Since we’re already thinking about them, the first on our list is a smoking saucer set by Spirits with Smokes. Yes, flaunting is fun but smoking a drink is not just about theatrics, it actually enhances the flavour by infusing earthy notes to your cocktails. And Spirits with Smokes  gives you three different flavours, aka alcohol-infused wood chips, as part of the set- Cognac Cherry, Rum & Maple, and Bourbon Oak. To make matters even more perfect, there’s also dehydrated oranges, recipe cards, & coasters included in the set.

Bar Cart

Next up on the list is a bar cart. It’s a great way to organize and display one’s collection of alcohol, glasses, tools and other accessories. And so makes for a great gift for liquor mixing folks. You can go as fancy or as minimal as you want with the cart depending on what budget you are working with. The Lex Bar Cart with its glass storage and bottle rack is somewhere in between the fancy and minimal extremes. The clean design and the light wood and metal combo make it easy to accommodate with any decor.


spirits with smoke
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Is a home bar ever truly complete without more barware? Obviously not! That’s why bar accessories always make for a perfect gift. Whether you’re grabbing a Copper Shaker set or Copper St. George Strainer from Spirits With Smoke for the cocktail affectionados or opting for a classic Wine Decanter, we’ve never met someone with too many cool accessories for their bar cart. 

The Original Whisky Ball

A cocktail is just as good as its many ingredients, and that includes ice which is why the original whisky ball is another cocktail-er favourite. While most people might think the big round ice ball is for visual appeal, it does more than just make the drink look fancy. The big spherical ice melts slowly and so keeps the drink cold without diluting it. It’s a definite must-have at any home bar.

Cocktail Books

New recipes, new techniques and new ways to up their game; a cocktail book is a concoction builder’s paradise. And we have three different options for you to select depending on whom you’re gifting it to. If you think the receiver of your gift could benefit from some advanced mixology tips or deeper knowledge, The Art of Mixology: Classic Cocktails and Curious Concoctions or Cocktail Codex might be a great option. For some unique recipes though, A Woman’s Drink Recipe Book is a better choice.

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

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This is another one of our interesting finds. Made with actual Himalayan salt, these shot glasses are perfect to add that salty kick to tequila and mezcal glasses. And equally perfect for gifting to a cocktail connoisseur. Don’t worry, they won’t break open while the drink is still in your hand. The glasses are good for multiple uses and also come with PET plastic inserts to avoid any leakage.

There you have it, folks! 6 gift ideas for the cocktail connoisseurs in your life. Whether you’re looking for someone else, or you wanna step up your own cocktail making experience, make sure to check out the smoking kits with Spirits and Smoke!