You’ve probably seen them on several ‘Best Beer’ and ‘Best Brewery’ lists. Or you’ve seen their big, bold neon CRAFT shining brightly against the night sky. More likely, you’ve probably shut down the spot after a late-night happy hour turns into a few more bevies than expected. Either way, for one reason or another, we all know Canada’s very own CRAFT Beer Market

The resto-bar with lush industrial interiors has been enjoying quite a favourable position with drinkers of every calibre ever since it set up shop in the city. And, for good reason. C’mon, where else would you find some of the best local and international craft beers running down massive industrial taps (more on this later)?

sunday funday craft happy hour
Photos via CRAFT

Like many other spots in town, CRAFT has happy hours all through the week (which are worth utilizing, btw). What sets them apart? Well, you’re soon to find out. And the best part? On Sundays, CRAFT’s happy hour doesn’t stop. Thanks to them, we’ve officially found our favourite Sunday Funday in town.  And here’s why you absolutely have to give it a try…

The major price drop

sunday funday craft happy hour
Photos via CRAFT

The whole point of a happy hour is so we can enjoy some food and drinks without having to break the bank. High-quality food & bev that makes us even happier than our wallets? That’s a win win, to us. You can snag $5 beers, $4 snacks, and even $9 mini bottles of bubbles, and more. From Nashville Hot Cauliflower (a must-try) to Baja Fish Tacos, you won’t be leaving hungry or thirsty after a trip to CRAFT’s happy hour. 

The game time fun

Let’s face it, Beer Olympics became a thing for a reason. And seriously, day drinking and Sundays are one of the most iconic duos. So CRAFT puts it all together for a Sunday best spent: Sippin’ on a couple of beers while engaging in some friendly competition. Whether you’re playing a round or two of bocce, or dominating corn hole, there’s enough at CRAFT to make Sundays your favourite day of the week.

The whenever-the-hell-I-want freedom

After having lived deadline to deadline all week long, no one needs another happy hour time constraint. And that’s why CRAFT’s Sunday Funday is perfect for any occasion. Catching up with loved ones over brunch? We recommend the Chicken & Waffles and Benny Bowl and $9 mini bottles of bubbles, of course. Fighting a mean hangover with a little hair of the dog? Snag a Crispy Chicken Sandwich or the new American Double Cheeseburger washed down with a crisp $5 beer (or three). 

The drinks galore

There’s a reason why CRAFT is featured on, and often tops, just about every beer-related list. It’s because they have curated a selection of craft beers from across the globe. There’s beer running in 145 out of the 160 taps here. The remaining 15 carry some varieties of cider and wine and one soda. Not to mention their insane cocktail list, and to-go cocktails. Basically, they have enough for us to have our fill of a beer-full Sunday. 

The multiple foodgasms

sunday funday craft happy hour
Photos via CRAFT

Okay, we agree that the food menu is nowhere close to beating or even matching up with the extensive drinks selection. That said, we’d say it is elaborate and delectable enough to stand its own ground without being overshadowed. You’ll find elevated versions of popular comfort foods including burgers with fries, chicken sliders, tacos and our favourite must-have-with-every-order, beer salt fries.

Tempted to live the Sunday of your dreams? Hit CRAFT with your pals this Sunday. Oh, and if you need that final nudge, check out their Insta for mouth-watering food and drink pics. Also, browse through their website to view all the Sunday Funday deets.  


Monday – Thursday: 3pm to 6pm, 9pm to closer
Friday & Saturday: 3pm to 6pm
Sunday: All-Day Happy Hour