Let’s face it, we can’t all be gourmet chefs. Luckily, you don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay to turn dishes from ‘okay’ to ‘delectable’ in a few easy steps, thanks to one of our favourite pantry staples, Thai Hom Mali Rice.

Since rice is essentially the most iconic pantry staple when it comes to the grain family, we’re sharing some fun facts about this staple ingredient. 

Here, goes our list!

Name Changer

Thai Hom Mali Rice is the only type of jasmine rice found in Thailand. Its green and gold seal of authenticity from the Government of Thailand guarantees the rice’s premium quality. Thai Hom Mali Rice has a distinct white colour which resembles the Jasmine flower. Hence, the nickname.

Flavour Game

thai hom mali rice

Part of the reason the rice has earned its Jasmine nickname is for the exotic flower aromas it emanates. And that buttered popcorn-ish flavour that you get on cooking it is also part of the rice’s flavour profile. So, all that self-back-patting you’ve been doing for having made exceptional aromatic rice, well, the rice deserves most of the credit.

Seal the Deal

Thai Hom Mali Rice actually comes with an authentication seal. The Government of Thailand certifies Thai Hom Mali rice using its official seal to ensure the rice’s authenticity and promise exceptional quality. So, make sure you look for this seal the next time you grab a pack.

thai hom mali rice
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Nutrition Diaries

When we think of rice, the first thing we think of is carbs. Yes, of course, it is a rich source of carbs. But that’s not all. Thai Hom Mali rice’s nutritional components also contain vitamins like B1, B2 and Niacin and minerals like iron, calcium and phosphorous.

Star Status

Courtesy of the food trends and the rice’s taste and flavour, it has almost reached cult status across Canada. And the Oxhead Thai Hom Mali rice happens to be one of the most popular and easily available brands. You can find it not just at Asian grocers but also at Food Basics, No Frills and Freshco for just $24.99 for an 7kg bag. You can even find other Thai Hom Mali Rice brands at multiple grocery retailers nationwide including Sobeys and Loblaws.

There you have it, guys! That was our list of a few fun facts about this utterly delicious and surprisingly popular rice variety. You might also want to check out the official Thai Hom Mali Rice website. They have a lot of info on the rice’s legacy, nutritional value, etc. And you’ll even find some yummy Thai recipes for your next culinary adventure.