The work that employees of AHS have done is unbelievable and to thank them, businesses all over Canada and even right here in Calgary and doing what they can to make the lives of these people a little bit easier. Here are 5 local businesses offering free stuff and discounts to Alberta Health-Care workers.


Calgary’s Philosafy Coffee is offering all AHS workers a free cup of joe via their takeaway system! All you have to do is download their app, create an account using your AHS email and use the unique promo code provided!


If anyone is going to need to unwind at the end of a long day, it’s our health-care workers. Highlander Wine and Sprits are offering all AHS staff 20-30% off wine and spirits and 10-15% off beer.


Sunterra is offering 25% discounts off all Sunterra-made products from desserts and baked goods to salads and prepared meals. The offer is applicable to all health-care workers on the front lines of the outbreak with valid AHS identification.

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Tacos, chicken and beer? Sounds alright to us! Calgary favourite, Taiko Canteen is offering anyone with an AHS badge 25% their entire order!


Spud’s grocery box is helping Calgary stay home. Offering pre-packed, healthy choices safely! Right now, they’re offering discounted boxes for AHS employees through their website, and even donating a portion of the proceeds to organizations that support frontline workers. Double win.

No one could ever match the work these people do on a day to day basis. Thank you again for everything you all do!