The finance magazine Forbes just released its list of the highest-paid celebrities this year, and 4 Canadians have made it on there! The list features all kinds of celebs, from athletes to movie stars and podcast hosts. Let’s see what’s up!

Influencer Kylie Jenner took home the top spot this year, after the sale of her Kylie Cosmetics brand netted her a whopping $590M USD. Another notable mention is Cristiano Ronaldo, whose $104M payday has made him the first team player to earn a billion dollars.

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But, a few Canadians got the nod as well! Let’s see how they landed on the list.

18. Ryan Reynolds- $71.5M
39. Shawn Mendes- $54.5M
49. Drake- $49M
73. Céline Dion- $42M

Honestly, we can’t spend any longer looking at this list. The numbers are just too big for our brains to comprehend. Time to write a syndicated TV show, we guess. Let’s get this bread!

If you want to check out the full list of the highest-paid celebrities this year, just click here!