We’ve got a lot to celebrate this June, Vancouver! Not only do we have some great summer weather to look forward to, but BC just announced a new reopening plan! So, in addition to all of our usual things to do picks, we can go back to including a few that we’ve had to leave out over the past 6 weeks. Needless to say, we’re pumped up about it.

Here are 33 things to do in Vancouver this June.

Editor’s Note: Due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19, provincial and city guidelines are continually changing. Please double-check business closures and restrictions before proceeding.

Available Options/Events

Return to our city’s great patios

The first thing we’ve got in mind for June? Heading to any of Vancouver’s amazing local restaurants for a little open-air dining with a friend. Since they’ve all been closed, we say just go wild and pick like 2-3 spots you’ve missed dining at a week! Stay tuned for some of our top options this summer, but in the meanwhile, check out an online map of all the spots that are going to be open.

When: Available throughout June
Where: Click the link above for more info

Enjoy a delicious and healthy vegan meal

We may not have covered patios last month, but we’ve got a couple of other guides up our sleeves… Whether you’re looking to have a picnic on the beach, a patio dinner at home, or a hearty option for movie night, Vancouver has tons of vegan dining options. Personally, we’re thinking that they’re great for picnics!

Where: Click the link above for our picks

Get an amazing bowl of pasta

Feel like celebrating the reopening plan with a hearty meal instead? We’re in the same boat, which is why we’re picking a spot off our list of the best pasta spots in the city for our next treat yourself dinner. Let’s face it, no matter the temperature, time of day, or season, pasta has the unique ability to hit the spot.

Where: Click the link above for our picks

Go be cool in the pool

Not one, but three of Vancouver’s outdoor pools opened in May! If you’re looking to get some laps in, or just relaxing on the deck, Kitsilano, Second Beach, and New Brighton have all opened for the summer. Heads up though- visits will be required to be booked in advance, alongside a few other new policies.

When: Open throughout June
Where: Click the link above for more info

Have a beverage in public

Outdoor pools weren’t the only city amenities to get the go-ahead last month. Vancouver has brought back 3 public plazas for alcohol consumption this summer- one downtown, one in Mount Pleasant and one in the ‘Fraserhood’. Not bad, but we’re still waiting for public drinking in parks to get going.

When: Open throughout June
Where: Locations around Vancouver

Inspire your green thumb

Speaking of fun outdoor activities, we can’t help but recommend Vancouver’s amazing gardens. Most of them are in full bloom right now, and the outdoor settings (minus one spot) are perfect for sunny, but not too hot days. Our top pick to start off? Queen Elizabeth, especially if you add in a vegan picnic, wink wink.

Where: Click the link above for our picks

Do a little local sightseeing

We think that Vancouver might be at its prettiest during the spring and early summer. Everything is looking lush, but (hopefully) the sun is going to be out more often than not. If you’re ready to see Vancouver from all sorts of angles, then make sure to check out our spring sightseeing guide, and enjoy all the beauty the city has to offer you!

When: Available throughout June
Where: Click the link above for more info

Go for a bike ride

Full those more active readers, a big old bike ride is in the canon of Vancouver activities. We’ve always been put off by where to go, though. So, we rounded up some of our favourite trips and routes, from leisurely afternoon rolls to major expeditions throughout Metro Vancouver.

When: Available throughout June
Where: Click the link above for more info

Take a bike tour of Vancouver’s public art

The Vancouver Biennale’s BIKEnnale has returned for the summer! This extensive guide offers multiple routes that will show you the best of the city’s public art. All biked out, thanks to our list of bike rides around the city? Hey, no problem, because they’ve got walking routes as well.

When: Open throughout June
Where: Click the link above for routes

Go on a late spring hike

Ready to enjoy our beautiful surroundings? We’ve got an amazing selection of spring and year-round hikes to check out across the Lower Mainland. Before making any serious plans, we recommend checking in with local health authorities to see what they’re saying. Yeah, we know, it’s weird that BC and municipalities are on different wavelengths regarding local travel, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Where: Click the link above for more info

Hike up Grouse Mountain

Honestly, the Grouse Grind is in a league of its own, which is why we omitted it from the spring hikes list. A bucket list activity for any Vancouver, this climb up Grouse Mountain offers a great reward for a difficult challenge. Our advice? Try and go midweek, since getting a download ticket will be easier.

When: Open throughout June
Where: Grouse Mountain
Cost: $20 (for the download ticket)

Explore the Capilano Suspension Bridge

Speaking of North Shore staples, we like the Capilano Suspension Bridge for a variety of reasons. The institution is the perfect way to immerse in the area’s forested beauty, without having to trek halfway up a mountain to do so. Plus, we honestly think the cliff walk is just as fun as the bridge itself, with the tree walk on the far side just serving as a nice little cherry on top.

When: Open daily
Where: 3735 Capilano Road, North Vancouver
Cost: $54.95 (same price as an annual pass)

Play a round of disc golf

Disc golf is one of those perfect blends between a leisurely stroll in the park and a legitimately challenging activity. Whether you’re coming in casually or have a farmer’s bet against your friends, there’s no doubt that disc golf is a great way to get outside. Try Vancouver’s options, then start enjoying what the Lower Mainland has to offer!

When: Open throughout June
Where: 33rd Avenue and Cambie St

Hit the Links

Confession time- we personally don’t play disc golf, because we’re too busy with actual golf. Along with a lot of other Canadians, we really dove into the sport last summer, since it was more or less the only thing that let us avoid interaction with other people. Turns out, as long as you don’t care about your score, it’s not nearly as infuriating as you’d expect!

When: Courses open daily
Where: Around Vancouver
Cost: Varies

Head to a Farmers’ Market

It’s hard to feel more west coast than waking up on a Sunday morning and heading to your local farmers market to grab some groceries right from the source. After all, BC is home to literally hundreds, if not thousands of local producers, and we’ve pretty much got direct access to some of the best of them!

Where: Click the link above for more info

Update your wardrobe

Speaking of shopping, we recently updated our list of the best vintage stores to shop at in Vancouver. Considering we can now go see people we know in public once more, it’s looking like sweat shorts and an off-brand polo shirt are no longer acceptable. Lucky for us, Vancouver is filled to the brim with amazing options.

Where: Click the link above for more info

Listen in during Coastal Jazz Fest

After taking a hiatus last year, Vancouver’s beloved Coastal Jazz Fest is back for 2021! Having gone virtual, the festival is tapping talent from all over the globe, in addition to a bunch of local artists. All in all, we’re looking at over 100 concerts and events, with a fair portion of them free to access!

When: Starts Friday, June 25th
Where: Online
Cost: Free and ticketed events

Watch a digital opera

The Vancouver Opera has returned with a brand new virtual offering called Carmen: Up Close and Personal. Inspired by a French arthouse staple (fun), this reworks the classic piece of opera in a new and exciting way. So, if you’re looking for a little culture next month, this is a great option.

When: Streaming throughout June
Where: Online
Cost: $30

Wander around the Vancouver Art Gallery

There are a few exhibitions currently on at the Vancouver Art Gallery, ranging from a photography exhibition focusing on mass media and advertising, to an exploration of the gallery’s own history, to a massive video installation. And, the offsite exhibit (which is free) also has something on right now!

When:  Open throughout June
Where: 750 Hornby Street
Cost: Varies

Learn about Vancouver’s history

The museum of Vancouver is a worthwhile trip for the neon exhibit alone. But, we also think that the newest exhibit ‘A Seat at the Table’ is worth checking out too. The exhibit looks at the history of Chinese immigrants in Vancouver, with an emphasis on the culinary contributions made over the years.

When: Open throughout June
Where: 1100 Chestnut Street
Cost:  $10

Hear some Arctic Voices

Science World’s latest exhibit is a massive showcase of the culture, environment, and inhabitants of Canada’s Arctic. Personally, we think the arctic is the most metal biome on earth, so we’re definitely recommending this option for anyone in the learning mood.

When: Open throughout June
Where: 1455 Quebec Street
Cost: $27.62, reserve your timeslot online

Museum of Anthropology- A Future for Memory

MOA welcomed a new exhibition earlier this year. This one focuses on the impact and aftermath of the 2011 earthquake off the coast of Japan. It’s an interesting one, especially since MOA itself is undergoing extensive ‘earthquake-proofing’ reconstruction.

When: Open throughout June
Where: 6393 NW Marine Drive, UEL
Cost: $15

Bill Reid Gallery- To Speak with a Golden Voice

Following the continued interest in the exhibition, the Bill Reid gallery has chosen to extend this incredible exhibition on Bill Reid himself. A master goldsmith, carver, and sculptor, Reid is undoubtedly one of the most important Indigenous, and by extension Canadian, artists to have emerged in the 20th century.

When: Open throughout June
Where: 639 Hornby Street
Cost: $13

Polygon Gallery- Interior Infinite

In addition to all the ongoing exhibitions, a couple of new ones are slated to open this month as well. First up is Interior Infinite at the Polygon Gallery, which is a collection of 15 Canadian and international contemporary artists across a wide range of mediums.

When: Opens Friday, June 25th
Where: 101 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver
Cost: By donation

Richmond Gallery- Imperfect Offerings

Opening just one day later, Imperfect Offerings takes a look at the healing and rebuilding powers of ceramics. So, it’s only natural that they include the artist Naoko Fukumaru, who practices kintsugi. Does that word sound familiar? It’s because it’s the art of using gold joinery to rebuild broken ceramic pieces.

When: Opens Saturday, June 26th
Where: 7700 Minoru Gate
Cost: By donation

Check out a virtual fundraiser

The BC-based organization ‘One Girl Can’ has its yearly fundraiser next month. This charity focuses on providing high school-aged girls in Africa with a proper education. So, naturally, this fundraiser is actually going to be a tour of a village in Kenya, for a firsthand look at the impact of donations.

When: Thursday, June 3rd
Where: Online
Cost: Donation of $25 and up

See what’s new on Netflix and Disney+

As always, the old standbys of Netflix and Disney+ have got us covered for those cozy nights in. Pixar is gearing up to release its newest movie Luca, while Netflix and David Attenborough have partnered up to give an eye-opening look at our planet’s rapid changes.

When: Throughout June

Enjoy some local streaming options

We shouldn’t mention streaming giants without also including all the local ways to see a great movie! The Cinematheque and VIFF are usually our go-to’s if we’re looking to watch a movie that is, ahem, a little more cultural than watching the green guy go smash.

When: Streaming throughout June
Where: Online
Cost: Varies

Check out a regular Drive-In Movie

In the same vein, the Twilight Drive-In is an amazing way to enjoy movies on the silver screen, both old and new. Whoever is running the programming there deserves a pat on the back- one week it’s the latest movies to come out, and the next it’s some all-time classic.

When: Showtimes weekly
Where: 260th Street & Fraser Highway, Langley
Cost: $30 and up

Planned Options/Events

Have a thrilling afternoon

Playland has got the go-ahead to reopen for the summer from public health officials, with various safety measures in place. So it might be a little different (masks are mandatory, no indoor attractions, and so on…) but the real draw is as good as ever- you’ve got tons of amazing rides to check out, from relaxing options to the most thrilling ones in Western Canada!

When: Opening pending health restrictions
Where: 2901 E Hastings Street
Cost: $29.50 to $39.50

Return to the Vancouver Aquarium

We’re looking at the recent sale of the Vancouver Aquarium as optimistically as we can. Why? Because the group that bought it also owns Dollywood, and we see Dolly Parton as a modern-day patron saint of ethical behaviour. So, fingers crossed that conservation stays at the forefront and that the Vancouver Aquarium doors will reopen once more!

When: Slated to reopen as soon as possible
Where: 845 Avison Way
Cost: TBD

See some live theatre

Local theatres like Firehall and Arts Club Theatre had been doing live shows over the winter, but new restrictions have put their plans on pause. So, keep them in mind if they can reopen since they need all the support they can get right now. Or, spice up a night in by streaming one of their productions.

When: To be determined
Where: Around Vancouver
Cost: Varies

Do a tour of roadside attractions

This is dependent on public health restrictions being lifted, but fun enough that we think it’s worth including. Turns out, BC is home to a ton of major roadside attractions, ranging from giant hockey sticks to a glass mosaic house. Probably better as part of a summer camping trip, but the devoted few can see amazing things in a day trip (once they’re allowed to).

Where: Click the link above for more info

Well, folks, that’s what we’ve got in mind in Vancouver this June! Frankly speaking, we’re probably even missing a few things, but hey, that’s what have great readers like you to remind us is all about. Now, go enjoy yourselves!