Finding a studio that offers kickboxing in Calgary is no big deal. The big deal is finding one that is designed specifically for women and offers effective and fun workouts that aren’t a drag. As it happens 30 Minute HIT fits both bills. In fact, it does you one better and leaves judgment at the door.

For those not yet in the know, “HIT” or high intensity training has exploded on the fitness scene, and for good reason. It is a fast, explosive and efficient workout style that requires little to no equipment. Plus, it is a time-efficient way to get a great workout.

kickboxing calgary
Photo via 30 Minute HIT

With their kickboxing circuits for women, 30 Minute HIT takes this explosive workout to new levels. And here’s how they make it happen—

Fresh & Fun Workouts
HIT, by itself, is amazing full-body strength training. But 30 Minute HIT’s approach makes it even better. Instead of the same grind every time, the programs are designed to be fresh and fun every single time. The circuits include 13 different stations that help you build strength and core stability. So, you can become sharper, stronger and more balanced and enjoy doing so.

Top Level Instruction
Whether you’re just dipping your toes into kickboxing and the whole HIT scene or are a HIT veteran, having the right guidance can make all the difference. That is why the trainers at 30 Minute HIT work with you to tailor your workout based on your capacity. They keep you challenged and are with you all the way as you build strength and new skills.

kickboxing calgary
Photo via 30 Minute HIT

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Supportive environment
The kickboxing studio has workouts for every shape, size, age and skill level. The whole point of these programs is to help you become a healthier and stronger version of YOU. Whatever that means. And the trainers and your HIT tribe support you in your journey.

Uplifting Vibe
Honestly, the quality workouts, top-notch trainers and supportive environment make for a pretty uplifting vibe as it. But the bright and vibrant space and the inspiring soundtracks go a step further to elevate your workout experience.

kickboxing calgary
Photo via 30 Minute HIT

Kids’ Area
Taking “supportive” to the next level, the kickboxing studio also offers a Kids’ Area. So, that nothing– not even you adorable lil’ ones– come in the way of your wellness. While you build your stamina and strength, the tiny tots can play in a safe area.

Free Trial
The best part is that you don’t have to take our word for it. You can try out the studio, its workout and its trainers a try… for free. You can sign-up for their free trial and commit to it only if you truly enjoy it (which you will).

Whether you’re a busy professional trying to squeeze in a workout before or after the work day, or a busy mom who is always short on time, 30 Minute HIT has a program for you. Check out their website below to book your free trial across any of their Calgary locations.