Congratulations, you were born! Whether you’re one of those all out, “my super sweet 16” types or one of those people who would prefer to just go for a beer or two with a friend, a birthday can always be made that much better, by one word. Free. Here are a few places in Calgary that will give you free birthday swag just for flashing an ID.

Denny’s – Grand Slam

The home of the hangover breakfast is also the home of the free birthday breakfast! At Denny’s, they’ll give you a free Grandslam Breakkie to celebrate your special day.

Where: Find nearest location here

Chicken on the Way – The Snack Pack

Is there anything better than the gift of chicken? Actually, yeah. Two pieces of chicken, a corn fritter and some fries. On your birthday roll up with your ID and get a free COTW Snack Pack.

Where: Find nearest location here

Cheesecake Cafe – Cheesecake

Birthday Free Calgary
Photo Via @Cheesecakecafeyyc | @peter_sungvin / instagram

We wish every day was our birthday. The Cheesecake Cafe in Calgary will give you a free piece of their mucho famous dessert, but they’ll also top it with a candle. It’s the little things, ya know?

Where: 7600 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary

David’s Tea – Free Drink

Thirsty? Not on your B-Day! David’s Tea will hook you up with a free drink when you stop into one of their locations.

Where: Find nearest location here

The Keg – Billy Miner Pie

Mocha, fudge, and almonds? The Keg’s Billy Miner Pie is stupid good. Fun fact, Billy Miner was Canada’s first train car robber, considered the ‘Robin Hood’ of his time. There, this list is just as educational as it is delish.

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Humpty’s – Free Pancakes

Birthday Free Calgary
Photo Via Herson Rodriguez / Unsplash

Free pancakes? The only thing better would be free waffles, but that’s asking a lot. We’ll take what we can get!

Where: Find nearest location here

Milestones – Dessert

Birthdays are sweet, aren’t they? Quite literally. When you stop into Milestones, they’ll give you a free dessert. Dope.

Where: Find nearest location here

Joeys Restaurant – Glass of Sparkling Wine

We couldn’t ask for a better present, honestly. On your Birthday, Joeys Calgary will give you free sparkling wine. How thoughtful.

Where: Find nearest location here

South Street Burger – Burger

Meaty goodness? We only wish this applied to half birthdays, quarter birthdays, and un-birthdays. South Street will give you a free Burger on your big day.

Where: Find nearest location here

Cold Garden – Birthday Cake Lager

Birthday Free Calgary
Photo Via @hibrightsider / Instagram

As a general rule, no one should have to pay for a single drink on their birthday. Cold Garden is up on their common courtesy. And no, we promise their Birthday Cake Lager does not taste like cake! Because icing has no place in the brewery.

Where: 1100 11 St SE, Calgary

Moxie’s – Free Dessert

Another dessert? Yeah, you’ll be eating like royalty! And rightfully so, it is your day after all.

Where: Find nearest location here

Blue Fin Sushi – All You Can Eat Sushi

Yeah, all you can eat sushi! There is a bit of a catch though. You’ll have to reel in a few of your pals. Blue Fin Calgary will still do free for your birthday, they just ask that you bring three of your best buds along with you.

Where: 9737 Macleod Trail, Calgary

CRAFT – Age Discount

Birthday Free Calgary
Photo Via CRAFT Beer Market

So this one isn’t free, but it was just too good to leave off the list. CRAFT Calgary is a free spirit. They do “birthday” a bit differently. Here, ageing actually has its benefits! When you go to CRAFT on your birthday, they’ll subtract your age as a percentage off of your bill. Pretty cool, hey? The older the better!

Where: Find nearest location here

It’s your birthday, and you can cry if you want to. But it’ll be pretty difficult with your mouth full. Happy “another year of being human” day!