It’s become the equivalent of randomly hearing a Christmas song in November, and we’re equally excited and scared to share the news. The 12-foot tall skeleton is back up for sale at Home Depot, only this time, it brought a couple of pals with it.

Originally blowing up the internet back in 2020, the 12-foot skeleton became a must for Halloween decoration enthusiasts. After all, how can you show your love for the spookiest night of the year if you don’t have the spookiest lawn ornament of them all?

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New for this year though (at least in Canada), is the arrival of two other oversized options. For something a little lighter, there’s now a ’12-foot Hovering Witch’ available. Or, for something even spookier, there’s also a ’12-foot Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton’. Heck, drop around $1,500 and you can collect all three! You might have to be on an acreage, though…

Whatever the case, we’re hoping to see at least a few of these out and about come October. Pre-orders are available on the Home Depot website, or, you can check in at your local store to see when they might be arriving in the (proverbial) flesh!