Ah yes, Thanksgiving, perhaps America’s oldest and most iconic holiday that dates back to 1621. It’s been 400 years of consumption ever since! Some love the day, some hate it, either way, we’re here to make you laugh at least a little bit. Here are 12 relatable Thanksgiving memes that will make this weekend better.

Let’s face it, the last-minute dinner prep stress is real. Whether it’s you, mom, dad, or friends making the meal, everyone has experienced a last-minute dash to grab supplies.

@jacksonolson_MOMS OF AMERICA UNITE🇺🇸🤝 #thanksgiving #costco♬ Face Off – Dwayne Johnson – Tech N9ne & Joey Cool & King Iso & Dwayne Johnson

What’s on the menu this year? You already know the answer.

Now for the love of food safety, please don’t do this.

Just imagine a turkey busting into your dinner and stealing all of your bread.

@tishacastleberrymakiNot your normal Thanksgiving meal.##BetterTogetherChallenge #petsoftiktok♬ original sound – Tisha Castleberry Ma

If it was this one, that would be nightmare fuel.

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Anyway, thank goodness for turkeys.

And for having family members or friends that are willing to cook for you…

Unless it’s this, then it might be time to go.

After laughter comes tears, because how the heck are you supposed to eat pie after taking seconds or thirds?

Look being around family can be stressful, we get it.

@btroise1I can’t be the only one #thanksgiving #family #turkey♬ original sound – Chris O

Oh yeah, all that good conflict too.


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Just wait until your mysterious relatives start showing up.

May you all be able to stay as calm and nonchalant as Weird Al Yankovic.

With that, happy Thanksgiving folks. If you haven’t, consider taking the time to learn about Seattle’s name and the land that we live on which we should all be very thankful for. Keep it safe this Thanksgiving and enjoy your food coma!