Are you ready to add some luxurious touches to your living space? Well, we’re here to give you a head start with a list of bougie gifts to put on your wishlist this year. Or, keep it in mind for that one friend that’s always going off about interior design and their love affair with Isamu Noguchi.

And remember the difference between someone who’s hipster and someone who’s bougie, folks. Hipsters (AKA us) know about this stuff and buy the bargain versions. Meanwhile, the truly bougie will just splash out.

Here are 10 bougie gifts to consider for your home this year.

A Mammoth Ivory Chess Set

bougie gifts

You’re doing yourself a disservice if you haven’t seen The Queen’s Gambit already. For those that have, you’re probably considering getting a chess set to pass the time this winter. And while they’re available in all price ranges, this is a bougie gift list. Our pick? One made using ivory. But, since elephant ivory is illegal (rightfully so), the nouveau-riche among us have to settle for mammoth instead.

Price: $12,995 USD

A vintage coffee table book


So you’ve already got the perfect coffee table, and now need some books to put on it. Well, we’re presenting a meta option: a rare book from the 70s on interior design. Want to completely redesign your apartment to look like (a younger) Karl Lagerfeld’s? This book has the reference photos you need.

Price: $780 CAD

Luxury workout equipment

bougie gifts

Sure, you’ve already got a Peloton and are thinking about getting a Mirror as well. But, you’re going to need some dumbbells and other things to look good while you’re doing it. Have no fear, because this company has your back if you’re willing to pay. Things start at $270 CAD for a jump rope, and only go up from there.

Price: $270-$950 CAD

A rare camera


Film cameras have been the rage for a few years, so everyone with a little pocket change probably has one by now. Set yourself apart with one of Leica’s more, uh, special releases. If you’re a rough and tumble kind of millionaire, then the military/civilian model KE-7a is right up your alley. For the more fashion-forward, check out their collaboration with Hermes.

Price: Available upon request (but easily $10,000 USD and up for market value)

A Throw Blanket

bougie gifts

While Hermes’ blanket selection leaves something to be desired, Gucci has our backs. This throw blanket is created using wool, cashmere and silk. But, the real value comes from the iconic ‘GG’ monogram that has been woven into the design. Perfect for cuddling up by the fire!

Price: $1,430 CAD

A Pet Collar


Pets have really taken the front seat this year. If you’re ready to pamper your fur baby with an item they can’t understand, then this Tiffany & Co. collar is right up your alley. We have to admit, the cheeky ‘Return to Tiffany & Co.’ engraving is a pretty baller move.

Price: $300 USD

A Home Theatre

bougie gifts

You’ve already got Bang & Olufsen products in the kitchen and in the Benz. Well, time to really dive into brand loyalty and try one of the OLED TVs. Luckily, these things come with built-in sound systems, so at least you won’t have to dish out extra for that. For the truly loaded, they also have fully custom options up to 88 inches. A tech version of the bougie gifts? why not!

Price: $5,995 USD and up

A futuristic wine cellar


While we’re on a tech kick, you should know that a new startup has merged AI with the traditional wine cellar. Fully automatic, the WineCab uses a robotic arm and either fingerprint or facial recognition technology to access. Finally, your 18-year-old will stop stealing your bottles of Lafite Rothschild!

Cost: $139,900 USD and up

A toothpaste squeezer

bougie gifts

Maybe this is the year where you dive into some more niche products. Well, it doesn’t get more niche than a luxury toothpaste squeezer for the bathroom. Billed for ‘the man who has everything’, this is definitely meant to solve a problem we didn’t even know was a problem.

Price: $238 CAD

A lamp


We wouldn’t leave you hanging with the Noguchi reference. The iconic American designer is perhaps best known for his ‘Akari’ paper sculptures, which double as lamps! Grab a floor model or hang one from the ceiling. Bonus points if you buy a bunch and turn your home into an avant-garde backstreet in Japan.

Price: $200 USD and up

Some air time

bougie gifts

Can’t wait to return to your snowbird ways, but don’t feel comfortable stepping on a public flight? One answer is to simply rent private jets by the hour. While we don’t recommend travel right now (and neither does the government of Canada), we have to admit this would be our preferred method if the border was reopened.

Price: $8,000 USD or so an hour

And that’s our list of the best bougie gifts to get yourself (or for that special someone) this year! If you need us, we’ll be buying the Marvis version of that toothpaste squeezer and feeling high class about it.