Oh, boy, things are starting to open up once again here in BC and it feels great. Not only does that mean we’re making some great progress putting COVID behind us, but it also means there is a whole lot to do this weekend. So, to celebrate and make the most of the opening of restrictions here in BC, we’ve put together a list of some great things to do this weekend. And yes, some of them are things we’ve gone a LOOOOONG time without.

So, take a gander and start your weekend plans!

Start planning your cross-Canada recreational trip

Canadian recreational travel has opened up! This means you can now plan your Canadian trip! While you probably can’t do it right this weekend, you can maybe take a day and start planning what you want to get up to soon. Finally, visit that friend across the country or take that camping trip you’ve been waiting for. Of course, be aware of COVID rules at your destination, but this is really awesome in our books.

Where: Across this great country of ours

Go out to eat with a group of friends

That’s right folks, you can now go out to dinner with a good group of friends. There are no limits on group size for indoor or outdoor dining, so you can finally go have a big dinner with your friends again. We’re not crying, you’re crying!

Where: All over the city. Check out that link for a good rundown!

Have a laugh with some live comedy

After the last year and a half we’ve had, it’s about time we did some laughing. Luckily there are some great comedy events you can attend this weekend! One of our favourite stand-up shows in the city, Jokes Please!, is back this Saturday. With safety measures in place of course! Check it out, you won’t regret it!

Where: Little Mountain Gallery, 195 East 26th Avenue
When: July 3, 8 PM
Cost: $13.745

See a movie at a local theatre

Okay, we mention this a lot but there’s a good reason! We’ve missed the movies like the dickens, and there are some amazing places to check out a flick here in the city. Whether you like cult favourites, art-house cinema, or the latest blockbusters, there’s a chance this weekend to sit in AC and enjoy that thing we’ve all missed for so long

Where: The Cinematheque, The Rio, or a Cineplex

Shop local at a farmer’s market

One thing that makes summer in Vancouver so awesome is the chance to check out some farmer’s markets. It’s a great opportunity to taste some of what this province has to offer, as well as buy some natural, cool products made by locals. Head to the one at Riley Park, or the West End, or take a trip to some other great ones in the lower mainland.

Where: All around the city and Lower Mainland. Check out the link for a full rundown.
When: Saturday and Sunday morning

Go for a swim at an outdoor or indoor pool

With indoor and outdoor recreation opening up, you can now cannonball into a public pool. While Kitsilano being voted one of the best places to take a swim in the world, it’s not the only option in town! Many indoor and outdoor pools are now open for reservations. So, if you’ve been wanting to swim some laps. But you haven’t really had the guts to do it in the ocean, this is your chance to get out and enjoy that summer vibe of an outdoor swimming pool.

Where: Across the city
When: Dependent on your local spots and reservations
Cost: $3.17 – $7.54 depending on age

Load up with gourmet eats at Granville island

And, with indoor and outdoor events opening up, this makes the perfect opportunity to check out the Granville Island Market. Whether you want to have a great lunch on the pier. Or you want to get a load of luxury and local groceries, it’s a great summer thing to check out and spend way too much money at.

Where: Underneath the Granville Street Bridge
When: Everyday 9 AM to 6 PM

Cheer along with some high-level sports

It’s that time of year when sports are everywhere. And, you can actually go to a sports bar with a few buds and watch a game there! With the Canadiens going up against Tampa Bay, the NBA semi-finals, the EURO Cup, AND Wimbledon all happening at once, there’s really something for everyone! So, paint your face, relax in front of your TV and enjoy the best games on Earth.

Where: On your TV or at your local sports ba

Take a wacky day trip

This province has a whole lot to check out, that’s for sure. So, why not hop in the car and take a ride to one of these weird, wacky, and wonderful spots around the province. Many of which are just a day-trip away, and provide some great Instagramable, oddities such as the sasquatch museum, the McBarge, and a forest faerie village. Oh and much much more

Where: Around the province

Just hang out with your friends ‘normally’

I mean, you might already be aware of this, but we just wanted to point it out. But, as of July 1, you can have “normal” personal gatherings. That’s right, we said “normal.” It seems odd to say that, but due to the falling COVID cases and the high vaccination rate, we’ll all be able to hang out with friends normally. But, if you’re not fully vaccinated, be sure to follow health guidelines still.

Where: Your favourite pre-pandemic hangout spot

There you go, there’s your nice list of things to do this weekend. With a province opening and a heatwave ending, we have a feeling this weekend is going to be a really nice one. And if it isn’t? Well, these ideas might change that!