We can’t wait for some snow because that always locks in the true feels of winter for us. And on top of that, we’re also really excited to hit up some local Vancouver sledding hills. Because in case you didn’t know, there are a ton all around town. So with that in mind, here are 10 free places to go sledding in Vancouver this winter.

Queen Elizabeth Park

sledding vancouver

This one is an easy pick, after all, it’s one of the bigger hills located centrally in Vancouver. And it’s pretty big too which gives you plenty of room to spread out and also a few different sledding areas to try. Not to mention, the park’s beauty really sparkles in the snow.

Where: 4600 Cambie St at West 33rd Avenue

China Creek Park

Next up we’d have to go for China Creek because it’s also a central location and perfect for those of you who live closer to the East side of the city. Plus, sledding here is pretty straightforward and the park is easy to locate. So if you want something short but steep, check it out.

Where: Great Northern Way at Glen Drive

Sutcliffe Park

If you’re planning on heading to Granville Island then don’t forget your sled. Because you can hit up Sutcliffe Park to enjoy a good sled before or after you explore the island. After all, who doesn’t love an afternoon or evening spent on the island?

Where: 1318 Cartwright Street at Granville Island Park Walk

Burnaby Mountain

sledding vancouver

Now this one is a bit out of the way but it’s one of the best places to sled. Because Burnaby Mountain has a series of super steep hills that will give you one of the fastest sledding experiences in the city. So if you want something big, this is it.

Where: 800 Burnaby Mountain Parkway

Kensington Park

Kensington Park is situated on the second-highest hilltop in the city making it a great place to sled. Plus you can also enjoy a beautiful view of the North shore while you’re at it. So if you want to pretend you’re on a mountain while still in the city, Kensington Park might just do it for you.

Where: Knight Street and East 37th Avenue

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Falaise Park

Here’s another one that’s pretty far East. Falaise Park is located on the Vancouver/Burnaby boundary but has a few great places to sled. So if you live to the East this is another must-try sledding area.

Where: 3434 Falaise Avenue

Rupert Park

In case you couldn’t tell, East Van is kind of where it’s at when it comes to sledding in the city. And that includes Rupert Park which is another sure bet for hitting the slopes, even if they are on the smaller side. So be sure to add this spot to your sledding itinerary.

Where: 3402 Charles Street

Vancouver Aquatic Center

Now before you get any crazy ideas we’re talking about the small hill beside the building. Although sledding down the side of the actual building would be pretty insane. But you better save that for the professionals.

Where: 1050 Beach Ave

Carisbrooke Park

Now we figure it wouldn’t hurt to throw a few North Shore spots on here because chances are that at least a few of you live in the area. And if you’re looking to sled for free you can head to Carisbrooke Park for a decent hill. But if we were you, we’d get tempted to head up to the mountains.

Where: Lonsdale Avenue & Osborne Road East

Cleveland Park

sledding vancouver

To cap things off we thought we’d end close to the mountains. Because sledding in the city is fun but if you want to get warmed up before heading to the mountains you can check out Cleveland Park. After all, it’s on the way to Grouse Mountain but completely free!

Where: 5200 Nancy Greene Way

Okay folks that’s what we have when it comes to sledding in Vancouver for free. If you decide to get out there when the snow falls, do your best to distance yourself from others. And of course, wear a mask. With that, have fun!