We’re all about accurately here at Curiocity, so we can’t exactly be out here claiming that this Wednesday is a major holiday in Mexico. But, we can say that Cinco de Mayo is one heckuva good reason to enjoy the best Mexican food in Vancouver, and boy is the start of May a good time to do it. So, let’s see what our options are this year!

Here are 10 great places to grab Cinco de Mayo treats in Vancouver.

Chancho Tortilleria

Located on the edge of Yaletown, this city-wide favourite has a readymade Cinco de Mayo kit for two that will be available on Wednesday only. The kit includes 8 tacos (your choice of carnitas or veggies), an order of guacamole, a couple of carlotas (a frozen, citrus-forward dessert) and two Pacifico beers to drink. They’ve dubbed it the ‘Cinco de Mayo Backyard Kit’, and that sounds like just about the perfect way to enjoy it. The kits are $45, and are currently available to order!

Where: 560 Davie Street
Options: Takeout


Ophelia managed to pull off the impossible last year when the relatively upscale spot decided to open in the middle of a pandemic. We’re happy they went for it though, because they’ve brought some incredible dishes to the city. For Cinco de Mayo they’re offering a carnitas tacos and margarita deal for $75, but we say that you need to try their Taco de Arracherra Y Bone Marrow dish as well. Unique in Vancouver, it’s a meat lover’s dream.

Where: 162 W 2nd Avenue
Options: Takeout

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Sal y Limon


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Sal y Limon has become a go-to for us over the years, whatever we’re feeling. We can’t deny that from tacos to tortas to quesadillas and more, this place has got it covered. For Cinco de Mayo, we’re suggesting their Taco Feast Kit ($55), since you get to pick two different fillings, and it comes with a whole host of add-ons- rice, beans, homemade salsa, cilantro & onions. Guac is extra (isn’t it always?) but we say throw that in there for good measure as well.

Where: 701 Kingsway #5
Options: Takeout/Delivery


Another spot that opened during the pandemic, and has managed to stay open since then. More than that, even, since Sazon has become a Kitsilano favourite for its homestyle, authentic dishes. Working from home? You might want to think about grabbing breakfast instead of lunch or dinner. A little huevos rancheros sounds like the perfect way to kick off the day, at least to us.

Where: 2698 W 4th Avenue
Options: Takeout/Delivery

La Mezcaleria


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We’re recommending La Mezcaleria primarily because of one dish- the queso fundido. You’ll need at least a broiler to properly prepare this at home, but goodness gracious is it ever worth it when you dunk a tortilla into that beautiful mess. Pair it with some amazing tacos/sides and maybe an at-home cocktail kit, and you’ll be absolutely loving life on Wednesday evening.

Where: 1622 Commercial Drive
Options: Takeout/Delivery

Las Tortas

If you think a picnic in your local park is the best way to enjoy Cinco de Mayo, look no further than Las Tortas. A stone’s throw away from Queen Elizabeth Park, this spot on Cambie Street specializes in tortas, aka Mexican sandwiches. They’ve also got Family Pack taco deals available, but we think that the torta is the way to go here. Plus, their churros are the best in the city (a crazy claim, but we stand by it). Definitely one of our top picks for Cinco de Mayo in Vancouver.

Where: 3353 Cambie Street
Options: Takeout/Delivery

Bandidas Taqueria

What’s better than having a vegetarian Mexican restaurant? Having a vegetarian Mexican restaurant that’s downright delicious. Bandidas has a variety of options available, including ready-to-eat dinner kits and take-and-bake meals. If you’d like to fill your apartment with some amazing aromas, then definitely opt for the take-and-bake stuff.

Where: 2781 Commercial Drive
Options: Takeout/Delivery


Tacofino is maybe not the most authentically Mexican option on this list, but we think it works well for Cinco de Mayo. The beloved Vancouver franchise has always been ‘Baja by way of West Coast’, aka Mexican and Californian dishes using PNW ingredients. And, Cinco de Mayo, as a celebration, really started out in California. It’s a poetic pairing, in our opinion, and it doesn’t hurt that their nachos are some of the best in the city.

Where: Multiple locations around Vancouver
Options: Takeout/Delivery



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Speaking of not really authentic but gosh darn if it’s not delicious, Gringo is our ‘Cinco de Quattro’ pick this year. The unassuming spot in the heart of Gastown serves up amazing Mexican cuisine, from quesadillas and tacos to a ‘street dog’ with queso and sour cream. Their amazing drink deals transfer to takeout as well- beers start at $2.50 a can, and you can grab gummies for your homemade margaritas.

Where: 27 Blood Alley
Options: Takeout/Delivery

La Taqueria

Ok, back to authentic Mexican for our final pick this year. A favourite in the city, La Taqueria has provided the same amazing quality dishes since it first opened its doors. In fact, we think it has only gotten better, with more menu items and some great family meal kits now available. Insider tip- the happy hour deals here (3 PM-6 PM) are available for both dine-in and takeout.

Where: Multiple locations
Options: Takeout/Delivery

And that’s our roundup for some great places to get Cinco de Mayo treats in Vancouver this year! We hope that you can make the most of it.