We’re not sure about you, but our corneas are crossed and our heads are scrambled from all of the screen time we’ve had since March. While we appreciate TikTok challenges and Netflix originals, we think our eyes deserve a little break, so this year as part of our New Year’s resolutions, we’re going to spend less time looking and more time listening! If you’re like us and could use a bit of a break, here are 10 Canadian podcasts that we think you should check out in 2021!


Spooky stories, true crime, dark history?! Consider us sold. Dark Poutine is a very Canadian, very creepy podcast that tackles sinister topics from murder and mayhem to aliens and seances with humour, dad jokes, and commentary. It’s wholesome…. and hellsome.


Pour yourself a cold glass of H20 and settle in for a fun and informative podcast about health, wellness, positivity, and empowerment! Featuring interviews, professionals, and everyday Janes, join host Michelle Siman on a journey to betterment.


This is an incredibly stressful time. With so much on your mind, it might be tough to get some much-needed shuteye at the end of a long day. Luckily podcasts like this one exist! Nothing Much Ever Happens, is a sleepy time heaven sent, that aids in relaxation and anxiety relief. Who says you’re too old to be read a bedtime story?


Miss going for a beer with your pals? This is the pod for you! One More Round is described as a house party sans house. Pour yourself a cold one and kick back with host Tricia Black for wild, wacky, and fun conversations about everything from current events, hot topics, movies, music, and more!

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True crime meets comedy on the This Sounds Serious podcast. With millions of regular listeners, it’s fair to say that they’ve really perfected the art of pallet cleansing – something that we’ve found is pretty important if your deep into the dark and factual. Check it out!


In short, the Steven Dangle Podcast is basically just three dudes, talking about sports and pop culture – but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s incredibly easy to listen to, not only because it’s informative but because it’s funny and relatable and there are a TON of episodes.


Ever wonder what it takes to write a song? How about what it takes to finish that song in under an hour? On the Our Debut Album Podcast, listeners play fly on the wall as comedians Dave and Graham attempt to write a hit one a month in 60 minutes.


With conversations on everything from tough topics, pop culture, and commentary, Extra Gravy is both informative and side-splitting. Join hosts Marlon, Norm, and Ace for an hour of hilarity, reflection, and even some occasional no-filter nonsense.


Nothing is off-limits here, folks! Join Hilary Welch and Sandra Plagakisas they take on the world of dating and sex head-on… with as much knowledge as the average person. Pour yourself a drink and enjoy real conversations had by real people, that will somehow make you feel both less alone and better about yourself.


Okay, kids. One more! Starship Coconut is an unreal podcast, unlike anything we’ve heard elsewhere. This “comedic audio experience” is basically the adult’s answer to the Saturday morning cartoon. Every week, lose yourself in a fictional story about superheroes, villains, and dire situations that only a comedian could have written.

There you have it, friends. 10 Canadian podcasts that we think you should check out in 2021! We think that it’s time you rest your eyes, don’t you?