Howdy folks! You might not know it, but Metro Vancouver has had some pretty amazing talent come of the region over the past few years. So, we thought we’d round up some people you might not know to have called Vancouver home. Let’s check them out!

Here are 10 famous and influential people you might not know are from Vancouver.

Nathan Fielder

Star and host of the massively popular show Nathan for You, Fielder was actually in the same improv class as Seth Rogen while in high school. He’s also used Vancouver as home base for his apparel company Summit Ice, which exists to spite (rightfully so) another Vancouver brand, Taiga.

Joshua Jackson

Since the new Mighty Ducks show is being filmed in BC, we thought it’d be nice to let you know that Jackson played Charlie Conway in the original series. That’s right, this guy was the inspiration for ragtag hockey players around the world.

Chief Dan George (Born Geswanouth Slahoot)

A former chief of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation in North Vancouver, Chief Dan George was also the first First Nations actor to receive an Academy Award nomination, back in 1970. He starred in films alongside people like Dustin Hoffman and Clint Eastwood. The best part? He didn’t start acting until his 60s!

Carrie-Anne Moss

This might have been better known in the early 2000s, but Carrie-Anne Moss played the role of Trinity in The Matrix movies. That’s right, one of the biggest sci-fi actresses of all time was born and raised in Vancouver.


Maybe it’s her cosmopolitan lifestyle and dreamy music, but we see Grimes describing herself as a ‘citizen of the world’. Heck, maybe even a citizen of the stars alongside Elon Musk. Even still, one of the richest women on earth was born right here in Vancouver.

Hide Hyodo Shimizu

Another throwback, but well worth the inclusion. Shimizu shone during one of the darkest few years in Canada- Japanese internment during the Second World War. She organized schooling for thousands of interned children across BC, then fought for reparations when the camps ended.

Linus Sebastian

Like computers? We get to ask a question that broad because anyone, even with a passing interest, has probably heard of Linus Tech Tips on YouTube. As the largest technology channel on the platform, Linus’ creation has saved countless hours of research, troubleshooting, comparisons… you name it.

Glenn Anderson

While he didn’t do it for the Canucks, we have to give props to Anderson for landing in the top 10 for the most Stanley Cups ever won. Plus, his 6 titles have yet to be surpassed since he won them, with the final one coming in 1994.

Christine Sinclair

Christine Sinclair has become synonymous with Canadian soccer. That’s with good reason, since she holds the record for most goals on the international stage, for both men and women. The Burnaby-born soccer phenom has proven herself as an athlete that the entire country can look up to.

Shane McConkey

It’s ski season, so we’re capping this list with a ski legend. Not only did McConkey usher in a new era for downhill and extreme skiing, he was also one of it’s engineers. Next time you’re ripping some powder, thank him for creating powder skis. Or, pay tribute with a quick game of G.N.A.R.

And that’s our list of 10 people from around Metro Vancouver you might not know are from here! Fly those Vancouver colours proudly, folks.